Gulf Coast Pharmaceuticals Plus Policies & Procedures

Return Policy

GCPPlus has a zero return policy. This policy was put in place between GCPPlus and the state board of pharmacy for Mississippi to ensure the integrity of a product due to pedigree compliance. 

The uncertainty of how a product is kept/secured/stored at a facility does not allow much room for positive reassurance that it was held at the FDA or manufacturers standard.  In the event of broken or damaged goods, GCPPlus will credit back to your account the subject product and ask that the product be destroyed.

Placing an Order

Each of our client facilities are assigned their own Gulf Coast Pharmaceuticals Plus sales representative. To place an order, contact your representative directly via phone, email, or fax.


GCPP provides pedigree for all products and orders we ship. Pedigree can be requested at the time of the sale (sent electronically) or requested at a later date by visiting our website and submitting a Track & Trace Request.