Gulf Coast Pharmaceuticals Plus is a 24/7 sourcing service provider. During drug shortages, we locate necessary life-saving drugs that patients need and deliver them to independent pharmacies, healthcare facilities, and government and military organizations.

Pharmaceutical Sourcing and Distribution Services

Drug Shortage Solutions

Drug shortages can be caused by recalls, restrictions, supply channel issues, and more. When a facility experiences a shortage of drugs they need, Gulf Coast Pharmaceutical Plus (GCPP) activates our network of 350+ pharmaceutical distributor vendors across the U.S. to find that particular drug.

GCPP then coordinates with our network of over 3,000 locations across the country. This network pools information in order to stay ahead of drug shortage issues that arise. We relay this information to our accounts, who would not be able to acquire this information otherwise, to help them manage drug shortages.

Finally, we procure and distribute these hard-to-find, backordered, and emergency drugs to customers in 43 states, Puerto Rico, and international clients.

Gulf Coast Pharmaceutical Plus Customers


Gulf Coast Pharmaceuticals Plus is an independent pharmacy distributor and advocate, working to help independent pharmacies thrive and provide the best care for their customers.

Healthcare Facilities

In a healthcare facility, inventory can change from moment to moment. When your facility experiences a backorder or shortage, we can help you procure hard-to-find medications as your secondary pharmaceutical supplier.

Government and Military

GCPP is a Military Prime Vendor and sustaining member of AMSUS, the Society for Federal Health Professionals. We provide hard-to-find medicine and supplies to local, state, and federal government and military organizations during drug shortages as a secondary vendor.

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